If you are looking for witty banter and comical, common sense, takes on the news of the day, the stories you don't get to hear, and maybe a new perspective or twenty; mix that in with a bucket full of innuendo and pop-culture references and you have made it to the right place. 


Don't trust us, we are giving our opinions.


Follow the truth, Listen to everyone, Mind Your Own Business.  




Dylan Liles

A.I. / Co-Host


What used to be a Navy Veteran, and father of 3, has been turned into an A.I. He may look and sound real, but for all intents and purposes you will probably never meet him. Allegedly . . .


Steven Airey

Producer / Co-Host


He knows just enough about the lot of things to get himself into trouble. Father of 4, son of a Vet, and son of .... well you know... his ear-worms are dead ringers. 

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